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Gold Chain Necklace 24K Gold Overlay USA Made LIFETIME WARRANTY, 30x Thicker than plated, Tarnish Resistant 5 MM wide, All sizes Gold pendant neckl...

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Gold Chain Necklace 24K Gold Overlay USA Made LIFETIME WARRANTY, 30x Thicker than plated, Tarnish Resistant 5 MM wide, All sizes Gold pendant neckl...

Be the most stunning person in the crowd when you wear this Rope Chain Necklace by Lifetime Jewelry!

Coated with 24-karat gold over a heart of semi-precious metals, this rope chain necklace is stunningly beautiful. It looks charming on anyone and is perfect to wear on any occasion.

This rope chain necklace will perfectly match your attire or your purses. Match it with your favorite dress and steal the spotlight or use it as a cord to make your purse fabulous for a party. This necklace has sizes ranging from 16" all the way up to 30". The clasp boasts incredible toughness while still being flexible and easy to use. Additionally, each chain end is soldered to ensure maximum durability for long-term use.

The Lifetime Jewelry Rope Chain Necklace is guaranteed for life against damage or wear, because of the use of real 24-karat gold. Compared to cheap electroplates and other gold plating (10 karat & 14 karat), Lifetime Jewelry uses only the best semi-precious alloys for bonding in order to give off an authentic gold look and feel while ensuring the piece's long-lasting durability. A special protective coating is applied to help prevent moisture and rust damage in order to keep your rope chain tarnish-free.

This rope chain necklace is 5mm in width and between 16 to 30 inches long and is sold at a fraction of the cost of solid gold. With this necklace, you can feel like you own a solid gold piece of jewelry at a very reasonable price.

Additionally, Lifetime Jewelry guarantees you a free replacement or repair if defects such as wear and tear or breakage occurs. Buy this piece of jewelry today and cherish it for a lifetime! This piece is proudly made in the U.S.A.

  • WARNING: IF IT DOESN'T SAY "SOLD BY: LIFETIME PRODUCTS GROUP" IT IS NOT LIFETIME JEWELRY. Lifetime Jewelry® is REAL 24K PURE GOLD OVERLAY - at least 10 times more than our overseas competitors. Our secret formula makes our jewelry withstand a LIFETIME of wear and tear. That's why we're Lifetime Jewelry. We are an American company and back it up with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE. Click on "Sold by Lifetime Products Group" to buy, otherwise it's not our product you get no LIFETIME GUARANTEE!
  • LOOK AND FEEL OF SOLID GOLD - Our jewelry has the look and feel of solid gold due to a secret formula only our artisans know. The special handcrafting done on our French Rope Chains impress with elegance and class, making it a perfect accessory to match your long gown or evening suit during formal dinners or a casual outing with friends. Look gorgeous and stunningly beautiful with a Lifetime Jewelry Rope Chain Necklace. Grab one now and feel like you're wearing solid gold!
  • TARNISH-RESISTANT - The Lifetime Jewelry Rope Chain Necklace is designed to last a lifetime. Each necklace comes with a guarantee against any damage or wear - for the rest of your life! We ensure that it has not only an authentic look but long durability by using only the highest quality materials. We top it off with a special clear coating to help protect against tarnishing.
  • AFFORDABLE - Unlike cheap knock-offs which offer no guarantees and have only a tenth of the gold we use, we offer high end jewelry at a fraction of the price of solid gold. Products of this kind often are usually only found in specialty stores and they go for two to three times the price. Because of the power of online marketing, we are able to keep the quality high and prices affordable by almost anyone.
  • VERSATILE STYLE - Our Rope Chain Necklace is a perfect match for any attire - causal or formal. Steal the spotlight by wearing this stunning chain as a necklace, or tie it as a cord to accentuate a fabulous purse at a party. This rope necklace is available in lengths from 16"to 30".

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